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Google Launches Social App: Who’s Down

Google loves experimenting with just about everything, including social apps. Some, like Google Plus are launched with announcements and flair, while others are just dropped into the Play store and observed. Taking the latter approach, Google just released an app called Who’s Down, …and it has the one thing we all love: an invite system!

who's down

While we wait for our invite code, ahem… let’s take a look at what this app is for. The concept is simple; when you have some free time and want to do something, this app announces your state of tedium and helps make plans with your friends. 

Taking the place of a “Hey, anyone wanna grab a movie?” group text or god forbid, a phone call, Who’s Down also lets users specify what kind of things they are actually in the mood for, and a light built-in messenger to solidify plan details.

Signing up currently requires a Google account and an invite code. Attaining said code, means submitting an email and a school name, taking the whole exclusivity and student-first path; an approach made popular in the last decade by numerous apps.
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