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Flipkart's CEO will deliver your smartphones ??

On Friday, Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal decided to get out of his comfortable air-conditioned office and went out to learn about the challenges of delivery boys and to gain insights into the online buyer's psyche.

In a first, the corporate honcho went out in the sun and delivered goods to various customers.
His first delivery went very well. And Bansal said, the customer was happy too.
However, not everything was easy. Bansal had to wait for a while for his second customer to finish bathing before he could deliver the good.
But, Bansal sure had a good time.
He also posted selfies with his fellow delivery mates.
Bansal will in fact continue to deliver goods for the next couple of days.
"Over the next 15-20 days, everyone will go out and deliver to customers, starting with some of the leaders," Binny Bansal, cofounder of Flipkart, told Economic Times.
While the India's largest online marketplace has grown to become an eCommerce juggernaut valued at more than $15 billion, the gesture is also a reminder of Flipkart's early days in 2007, when the two Bansals scurried across Bengaluru on their scooters to deliver books.
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