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AOL's New Android App To Organize email

Many smartphone users may live by their email, which is understandable for anyone who is engaging in constant replies and outgoing messages to professors, colleagues, friends and family, etc. 


 This becomes even more of a task when you’re doing it from multiple email accounts and might even be a bit challenging if you have a lot of them. The answer then, might be an email app that allows users to take control of their email through efficiency and organization, both of which seem to be front and center qualities of AOL’s new email app that landed on Android recently.

The app is called Alto mail, and even the remainder of the name tells users what the app is meant to do; “Organize Your Email.” It’s a statement telling users what to do while also simultaneously being a descriptor for what the app is capable of achieving.

Aesthetically it’s pleasing to the eye right off the bat thanks to the material design user interface, looks aside though, users of Alto Mail will be able to aggregate all their email accounts into one application including accounts from AOL Mail itself, Yahoo!, Gmail, iCloud, and more according to AOL. That means it could technically replace the Gmail app for you if there are no Gmail specific features you’d miss and still get all the emails that go to that account.

Similar to the way that Inbox categorizes out your emails by filtering their type, Alto lets you filter things into categories called “stacks” which lets you view emails based on the types of content within them, like photos, files, or emails with personal information.

Alto has even utilized Google Now’s card format for displaying important details like flight information and shipping orders so you don’t have to open your emails to view that particular data, all it can be seen from the cards themselves which display on screen from the dashboard. The dashboard even shows you the weather and date information up top if you like. If you weren’t particularly fond of Inbox but wanted something that acted in a similar manner, give Alto a try and see if fits.

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