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How To Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube..

OK so those annoying little ads that pop up before you watch a you tube video are becoming a problem. I like to use you tube a lot and my crappy laptop has messed up those you tube ads, BIG time. After one ad pops up it messes up and another ad pops up after it! It keeps going on like this till i have like 10 ads. After they stop and i skip them all though, the screen turns black and reloads the webpage, making the ads come back...
This artical (How To Get Rid Of  Ads On Youtube..)will help to get rid of all the ads that pop on your screen..

For Firefox users...
1 .Search for ad-block plus on Google or click on this link
2.Click on Install for Firefox.
3.Now A pop up window will appear on ok
4.Now every thing is set,You can disable Ad-Block on any websit.
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