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Ultimate Travel Gadgets, Thinking Beyond the Power Bank

For regular travellers, gadgets are an exciting area that can improve travelling by making things easier, more entertaining and safer. But not all travel gadgets are made equally, in fact choosing the wrong travel gadget can be more of a burden than a help, and with luggage space at a premium its important not to waste your time, energy or money or useless tech.

But once you’ve chosen your power bank then it’s difficult to know what you might need next. While it somewhat depends on your plans, will you be on the road lots? Will you be flying lots? Or do you plan on taking lots of photos or videos? We’ve found a selection of great travel gadgets that could be of use for most travellers.

We chose gadgets that should help in  some of the main areas of your travel; luggage, security, internet connectively and well-being. Socheck out this great infographic put together by hotel company De Vere to discover some great travel gadgets you might not have seen before.

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