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We already miss you MagicRecs

People active on Twitter knows MagicRecs, No one can keep a track of all happenings on twitter, even if you are 24 hours active on it that's when MagicRecs came to rescue. It was a twitter account that sent you alerts on the basis of the people you follow. 

If 10 people have altogether followed a person then MagicRecs sends you the details of account and which of your friends have followed that account. If some of your friends have retweeted a same tweet then MagicRecs tells you about it. 

However, MagicRecs is no more. MagicRecs came into existence in spring of 2013. It was very exciting for the time when you couldn't add a second image to your tweet. All you had to do was follow an account and magically improve your Twitter experience. 

It had such strong impact that organizations requested people not to follow high-profile new employees before the news became public, lest MagicRecs blow their cover. Some 112,000 people followed MagicRecs in the years that followed, and no one ever criticized it, because it was perfect.

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