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Microsoft's Surface Phone Leaks and Rumors

It has been known for a long time that Microsoft’s Surface team is planning to build a premium smartphone. Some rumors claimed that device is expected to arrive in the second half of 2016, but that timeframe has been pushed back to early 2017.

This news comes from sources close to Microsoft’s plans. They also claimed that 3 variants of phone will be released. The early plans allegedly point to a consumer model, a business model, and an enthusiast model.

But confirming details are still scarce. How the three models will differ is still unclear i.e. if they will differ in color, price, specification etc is not known.

Sources also said that Surface phone is supposed to be built by the same Microsoft engineering team that built the Surface and Surface Book, led by Panos Panay. This team is responsible for Microsoft’s “premium” devices.

Windows 10 Mobile is only operating system which will be available for the device. There is a lot of excitement surrounding a potential Surface phone.

Let's see, with so much experienced players in Android market, Microsoft's Windows phone will be able to sustain or not. 

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