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ISRO Launches New Satellite

India is a step closer to having its own navigation satellite system as the seventh and last in the series of the constellation of Regional Navigation Satellite System, IRNSS-1G on board PSLV-C33, was launched from the spaceport of Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh on Thursday afternoon.
The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System comprising seven satellites would be able to provide navigation system with much better accuracy and target
ed position. The satellite system would enable India to have its own Global Positioning System (GPS).
While four satellites are sufficient to start IRNSS system's operations, the remaining three would make it "more accurate and efficient".
ISRO had launched the sixth navigation satellite IRNSS-1F on March 10, the other five being IRNSS-1A on July 1, 2013, IRNSS-1B (April 4, 2014), IRNSS-1C (October 16, 2014), IRNSS-1D (March 28, 2015) and IRNSS-1E (January 20, 2016).
According to ISRO officials total cost of all the seven satellites was Rs 1,420 crore.

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