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Plan, Pack and Travel : HowdyHighlands #StartandStand

About HowdyHighlands

We Specializing in group expeditions to off-beat destinations of Himachal Pradesh, we take the stress of your shoulders and take care of everything in terms of organization, management control, scheduling, guidance, and budgeting. Howdy Highlands offers you attractive options, irresistible packages and the best deals available in the Himalayan circuit, that helps you reduce travel expenses and get more in less!

We might as well be called the Kings Of Himalayas, as our competent and qualified team of professionals, whose expertise lies in trekking, mountain climbing, rappelling, rafting, paragliding, night treks, skiing, biking/jeep tours and other adventure activities; are more than familiar with every inch of the Himalayan area and promise to deliver an amazing experience to all!

Embark on an incredible journey with Howdy, and let us introduce you to the ethnicity of Indian highlands while unraveling the essence of traveling in its true sense.

Why HowdyHighlands

Because, no one else knows Himalayas – The Crown Of India, better than us! Moreover, our agency flaunts a team of meticulously hand-picked professionals, who are not only qualified and proud owners of various certified adventure courses, but also highly capable of obliging you with a special journey! Our attractive packages surely provide us with a competitive edge over others, because we know the pain that comes along with being a passionate wanderlust-er! We go easy on your pockets, and offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, without putting any sort of pressure on your wallets!

What We Do

We make sure that we customize and personalize your trip as per your tastes and preferences. The whole trip is planned according to the likes and dislikes of the client, as we aim to make it a more personal and fulfilling experience of traveling, rather than a commercial vacation. If you want us to surprise you, we carefully choose the best valleys, peaks, and passes from in and around the Himalayan region, as per the fixed budget.

Our team personnel plans, schedules, manages, coordinates and controls the whole trip and bags the best deals in terms of accommodation. We take care of the transportation and deal with providing other facilities too, putting the weight off your shoulders and providing you a stress-free experience.

What We Offer

We specialize in group travels in terms of school, college and corporate trips, and introduce them to fun activities like camping, trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking, tours, safaris, etc. We aim to treat our clients as friends and fellow backpackers, making them familiar with the village culture of Himachal and its traditions and customs that are not known to the world. With luxurious and affordable tie-ups, all across Himachal, we also organize trips for individual travelers and youngsters with reduced prices and discounts, enabling them to celebrate their youth, without burning a hole in their pockets!

Who We Are

Abandoning the concept of commercial vacationing, we are just a bunch of friends and fellow-travelers with a startup and an aim to share our love for travel. Withholding various professional certificates, we are regular mountaineers who have lived, loved and breathed the Himalayas. Having been born and brought up in the hills of Himachal, and having walked every inch of it, we are excited and enthusiastic about sharing our experiences and guidance with those who truly yearn to unravel and explore the real beauty of the mighty Himalayas. With a promise to make it all about the journey, instead of the currency, we itch to impart knowledge about our beautiful abode and native home; to help you discover the hidden jewels and off-beat destinations of Himachal and open your eyes to a place that is no less than heaven! 

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