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Huawei to unveil its flagship devices next month in India

After a successful launch of the critically acclaimed Huawei P-series and Nova series, Huawei Consumer Group further strengthens its premium portfolio with the launch of its highly anticipated flagship devices, coming to India next month.

The upcoming flagship devices are an expression of the Mate Series’ DNA. As part of the most advanced smartphone series, these devices will represent the best of On-Device AI—or ‘a higher intelligence.’ It will bring a smarter AI experience closer to consumers. Furthermore, it will inspire creativity and productivity; empowering users to express themselves, unhindered by technological bottlenecks. 

Also given the longevity of large batteries, these devices will enable the consumers to unleash their potential and live their lives to the fullest. These will be the ultimate devices with compelling and powerful features all wrapped in a sophisticated design.

Huawei is focused on delivering the user experiences that defines the future of smartphone in the smart era. Through its continued investment in R&D, Huawei will drive the next era of innovation to inspire and empower mankind. 

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