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India all set to predict monsoons with supercomputers

The Indian government is spending $60 million in the development of a supercomputer that will be able to predict monsoons which if successful will give ray of hope to dying farmers.
Weather forecast is basically an attempt to predict the next day's weather by analyzing data and other historical information. But, they are not always accurate. 

In India this is not only a minor convenience for regular folk, but also is very crucial for the farmers whose fate depends upon a single word "MONSOON". Hence these supercomputers will be the key to helping Indian Agriculture Industry thrive.

It will bring an evolution. So far India has used the conventional method of studying the statistical and numerical data which unfortunately is unreliable. Past tells us its failures. Remember 2009 where it missed the country's biggest drought in 40 years. This supercomputer will be generating 3D weather models collected by planes, satellites and balloons.

It will be approximately 10 times faster than the current IBN supercomputer. Its potential to offer better forecasts will raise as much as 15% of the farm output. M. Rajeevan, the top-notch scientist in the ministry of earth sciences believes, "If everything goes well by 2017 we'll make this dynamical model operational by replacing the statistical model."

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