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Wondering Why 'F' & 'J' Have Raised Ridges On Keyboard?

Ever wondered by looking at your keyboard why the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys have bumps on them? And sometimes the ‘5’ key on the numeric keypad? No, this isn’t a production defect, nor for any health benefits. Reason is something different.

The raised bumps found on the F and J keys on the keyboard helps users correctly position their left and right hand on the keyboard while typing without having to look at the keyboard.

For example, while you are in hurry and typing fast for urgent mail, without looking at your keyboard you should be able to feel the keyboard and correctly position your left index finger on the F and the right index finger on the J. From this position, you should be able to locate the remaining of the keys on the keyboard.

Positioning your left index finger on the ‘F’ key and your right index finger on the ‘J’ key leaves the other three fingers of your left hand to rest on the ‘D,’ ‘S,’ and ‘A’ keys while the remaining fingers of your right hand rest on the ‘K,’ ‘L,’ and ‘:/;’ (colon) keys. The thumbs of both hands should ideally rest on the space bar.

These changes came in to effect on keyboards as a result of a patent filed by June E. Botich in 2002. All keyboards manufactured after that contain the ridges.

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