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How to Increase Your Smartphone's Battery Life

Here’s a way out of the nightmare of getting ‘Low Battery’ notification – just delete the Facebook app from your iPhone and android phones.

Like it or not, but deleting FB app and opening it through your browser can actually extend your phone’s battery life by 15 percent, reports the You.

This little trick works especially on Android phones, the Guardian reported after trying it out. Last year, Facebook came under fire because the app automatically showed videos in the background even though users hadn’t opened it. As a result, it affected the battery life.

But it is not necessary to remove the Facebook messenger.

Ari Grant of Facebook said at the release of Facebook’s new version that certain issues had been identified and adaptations and improvements had been made.

Now, for the social media addicts, who suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and don’t want to remove Facebook from your iPhone, then here are certain other alternatives:
  • Switch off your WiFi;
  • Don’t use the vibration function;
  • Close apps you’re not using;
  • Reduce the screen timeout time;
  • Dim your display.

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