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Maths is not strong suit for everyone. It is said that maths is tough for those who do not apply their whole brain or lack practice. I am not criticizing maths strugglers as people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones on others. 

Literally my way of doing maths:
  • Write down the problem.
  • Cry

But god has shown mercy. Thanks to the wonders of IRT (Image Recognition Technology). Now we have MATHPIX, an iOS app that lets you point your phone camera at a problem and calculates solutions in seconds which is first technology that can solve handwritten maths problems. Mathpix was envisioned by Stanford PhD student Nico Jimenez. This app provides a step-by-step guide to reach the correct solution.

The interfere looks like any standard camera app. Simply drag on-screen reticle over the equation and the app solves it. It also provides you with multiple methods to reach a solution, making it a divine educational tool. It uses image recognition to process problems and pings its servers to do the mathematical heavy lifting, so it requires internet connection to work.

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