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Youtube App Gets a Turnover, Now Gives More Relevant Recommendation

YouTube have refreshed home screen for its app it also updated recommendation system, now YouTube mobile app have bigger images(Thumbnail) and very  smart recommendations based on “deep neural network” technology.

YouTube is launching a redesigned home tab for its mobile apps — touting its “clean and simple” format — along with an improved recommendation engine, in a bid to spur smartphone users to watch even more videos. The new design, available for the YouTube app on iOS and Android, features large, high-resolution images to make it easier for users to identify videos they want to watch, and a prominent icon highlights the creator for every video.

Youtube app kind of cluttered home screen for quite some time. In fact, many users steered away from the home screen as soon as possible, going directly to the search bar or their subscribed lists. Now, however, YouTube is taking some design cues from the likes of Instagram to make their home screen far cleaner and more enjoyable.

Gone are the cramped videos splattered across the screen like a dropped shoebox filled with polaroids. Instead, suggested videos take up the entire width of the screen with only about two being visible at once. This friendlier look encourages scrolling and makes the app feel slicker and tidier all around. The update is live now, so check your app and see if it’s hit your device yet.

That’s not all this update brings to the table. The devs have also toyed with the algorithms for recommending videos, meaning the videos you see on your home screen are more relevant and personalized than before. These alterations make use of deep neural network technology, so the app will continue to learn your preferences and habits to deliver you content you’ve never seen but are sure to enjoy. The company claims that users who have had test versions of this update have spent more time watching new videos from the creators they subscribe to.

According to YouTube, the video service adds a few tweaks every week to improve its recommendation engine. In the new versions of the app, the “shelves” that grouped similar videos together have been replaced with a single ranked list.

Give the new design a try and then let us know what you think about youtube new design in the comment section below!

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