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Smart Ball for Pets

The worst part of having pets is leaving them on their own. We do not want our lovely pets to get lonely and bored.

Technology has been developing so fast for humans that in this era of smartphones we all are all the time connected with our friends, that has brought up the idea being connected with our pets.

Playday brings you this Smart Ball that comes with a mounted camera with which you can look out for your pet. Also you can play with him/her using the mobile application.

The company was founded on the belief that the remote human-pet interaction is possible using technology. Kevin Li, co-founder of playday, said,"The dog owners needed a better way to interact with their pets remotely, 

As we started building out prototypes and showing them to our friends, we learned that cat owners love the idea too. But cat owners have slightly different needs so we’ve been modifying the design of the cat version for their needs."

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