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Intelligence Check Of Siri

Here Something new and funny is tried with Siri, iPhone's intelligent personal assistant. Siri is asked if Jon Snow (character of "Game Of Thrones") is dead or alive. Snow was seen bleeding to death in season 5 of the series, but, it is not sure if he had actually died or if he somehow manage to survive. 

Apple's personal assistant has been trying to answer, most important question of Game of Thrones, in her own unique style. 

1. Siri wishes that someone must be taking care of Ghost (Snow's werewolf)

 2. Siri say that death is inevitable, if not today then tomorrow he will be dead

 3. Siri quotes some quote related to death

4. Siri says Snow was trying to survive, & it do work

5. Siri is trying to prove herself clever

Siri seems to be confused like all of us.
Now, it is up to you to decide whether Siri is intelligent or not.

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