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Google Maps: Now Helps To Avoid Traffic Jams

Google has announced new feature of Maps for Android and iOS. Maps will now allow users to choose from various alternate routes and it will also give explanation for its recommendation. It will also inform users, that the route it is suggesting is shorter or it avoid traffic jams.

Summer is here, and many of us might be planning for a road trip to hill stations, but delay due to road traffic might reduce all the fun. Luckily, Google Maps has new feature which will help us to avoid road traffic and also gives most suitable route for our journey. The company launched this feature for US users in last May.

Sanket Gupta, Product Manager, Google Maps stated in a blog post, “Luckily, Google Maps can help you find the most ideal route to your destination with the least delays. Just in time for you to hit the road, we’ve updated Google Maps with new traffic alerts to help you avoid jams.”

When we will give destination as input to Google Maps, we will get a spoken alert for upcoming traffic conditions that will helps us to identify the quickest route. Google Maps will also tell if their is jam ahead then for how time we will be stuck their. In addition, it will also give the explanation for its recommending a particular route. If a user is in navigation mode on their iOS or Android device, they will see these updates automatically.

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