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Apple releases short film on autistic teen

April is Autism Acceptance month. These campaigns are meant to raise awareness and provide information for the general population to learn more about young people’s struggle with this neuro-developmental disorder. This morning, Apple released a pair of videos on YouTube showing how technology can assist those with special needs.

The short films focus on a teenager named Dillon, who uses his iPad to communicate with the world around him. As stated on Apple’s autism page from its official site, “During Autism Acceptance Month, he reminds us that everyone’s voice should be heard.”

Dillon has the same thoughts and ambitions as his peers, but he is unable to express himself in the same ways. But through technology that employs augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), he is now able to share to thoughts and feelings. AAC includes any form of communication besides oral speech. When we type, text, draw, or even smile, we are conveying our thoughts, feelings, and wishes through AAC. Those with speech or language problems rely on AAC to supplement or replace speech. In Dillon’s case, it’s a tool in the form of an app on his iPad.

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